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Fun facts about  me:

  • My favorite Vocalo-Ps are Deco*27 & Neru

  • My favorite vocal synths are Kasane Teto, Sukone Tei, and Kagamine Rin and Len

  • I own Vocaloid but despise using it

  • UTAU is my favorite synth editor/engine

  • I use Logic Pro X to mix my covers

  • I use Clip Studio Paint for illustrations!

  • I'm also a lover of reading and writing fanfiction!  Mine can be found on both Ao3 and!


Tei Deep Sea Girl Icon.png

I'm Kazumi!  An illustrator and Vocaloid producer who loves Sukone Tei a lot!

Welcome to my site! <3

  • youtube
  • niconico
  • ko-fi
  • pixiv
  • Twitter
  • instagram
  • soundcloud
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